We have a team of expert auditor trainers who are all practicing auditors in the fields of Quality, Environmental, OH&S, Food Safety, Information Security, Business Continuity, and Integrated Management Systems certification. Our trainers bring extensive industry experience and engaging delivery, making our courses relevant and practical with real-world auditing experiences.

Tom Barham

Tom Barham

Tom is the Founder and Director of RTP and is responsible for the continual improvement of all our training courses and for assessing students for RPL. He has conducted internal Quality, OH&S, and Environmental audits for a wide range of organisations in the insurance, human services, and health sectors.

Tom delivers Exemplar Global-certified public and in-house Lead Auditor courses in Quality, OH&S, and Environmental management systems, Business Continuity and Risk Management Fundamentals throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

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Pat Horigan

Pat Horigan

Pat is a fitter and turner by trade, has a Masters Degree in education, and has significant experience auditing organisations across a range of industries including high rise construction, manufacturing, government, and utilities. He has particular expertise in modern and effective process-based management systems.

Pat presents management systems Lead Auditor training in Quality, OH&S, Environmental, and Integrated Management Systems for RTP.

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Claire Bingham

Claire Bingham

Claire has over 25 years’ experience in OH&S, Environmental, and Quality Lead Auditing in Australia and the UK. She has audited across a diverse range of industries including oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, construction, government, and water. 

Claire presents public and in-house Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor training courses across Australia for RTP.

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Casey Tredinnick

Casey is a certification and compliance specialist with over 15 years’ experience in Quality, OH&S, and Environmental Lead Auditing. He has worked for some of Australia’s largest certification and accreditation bodies and has significant experience working in the information security and business continuity sectors

Casey delivers Exemplar Global-certified Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor and Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor public and in-house training courses for RTP.

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Martin Tolar

Martin Tolar

Martin is an OH&S, Environmental, and Quality Lead Auditor with over 15 years’ experience in compliance, risk, anti-bribery, ethics, and corporate governance. He is the chair of the ISO committee responsible for the creation of ISO 37301 compliance management systems, and he is the head of the Australian delegation to the ISO committee that created ISO 37001 anti-bribery management systems.

Martin brings his experience across the financial services, pharmaceuticals, wholesale and retail, and construction industries when delivering Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor training for RTP.

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John Smale

John is a former State Government Senior Environmental Health Officer and has conducted Quality, OH&S, Environment, and Food Safety internal, second- and third-party audits for small, medium, and large organisations. He has significant regulatory, enforcement, and compliance experience across the public health, hospitality, infrastructure, construction, resources, and defence industries. 

John delivers Exemplar Global-certified Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor public and in-house training courses for RTP.

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Prashani Jayasooriya

Prashani has over 20 years’ auditing experience in Australia and Sri Lanka. She is a Lead Auditor in Quality, OH&S, Environmental, Food Safety, and Ethical standards and has audited a wide range of organisations from large multinational FMCG companies to local family-owned small businesses. 

Prashani is the Academy’s Food Safety Management Systems Lead Auditor and HACCP training specialist.

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Micheal Martin

Micheal is an experienced company director and champion of effective management system implementation. As a certified system practitioner and Lead Auditor, Micheal has led teams within some of Australia’s leading organisations. Micheal has led teams on the Risk, Quality, Safety, Environmental and Human Resource fields across a wide range of sectors including Defence, Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Transport And Warehousing.

As a trainer/facilitator for RTP, Micheal has a strong focus on leadership, engagement, and performance. Micheal delivers Exemplar Global-certified Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor public and in-house training courses for RTP.

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Natalie Dunton

Nat is a registered Psychologist with nearly two decades of experience combining clinical expertise with organisational systems knowledge. She has consulted across various sectors, including public, private, and non-government, while also specialising in clinical services in trauma and PTSD in private practice. Nat has worked with the Queensland regulator, contributing to initiatives aimed at promoting psychological health in workplaces and enhancing regulatory approaches to work-related mental health and safety.

Nat led the design and development of RTP’s Psychological Health and Safety at Work course and has delivered this to multiple organisations across Australia.

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“Excellent trainers with high level expertise, varied content to keep us engaged and quality resources leave me with confidence that I could implement what I’ve learned.”

“The presenters really helped to link the course material to real life situations. They were very professional and helped make the course very enjoyable.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable learning experience, facilitated to an excellent standard – Well adapted to the diversity of skill within the group.”

Fantastic course professionally run by a ‘real’ auditor working in the field which allowed for a fantastic bridge between theory and practical examples.

“It is rare to find a trainer with extensive practical and current industry knowledge of the topic. This is a real world training course for real world application. 100% recommend Pat to conduct any training in future.”

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